Christmas Party Ideas For The Busy Planner

Break out the Christmas lights and wonderfully sang renditions of “Pasko Na Naman” because it’s nearing that time of the year again. The Filipino people value this holiday so much maybe because the ideals it represents aligns with our own culture’s emphasis on love and family. What this basically translates to is we love giving gifts and spending time with our family and friends.

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With the season looming, the designated “Party Planners” of each clan should already be working on the annual Christmas Party. What is the season for if not for long lost relatives to mingle and little children hunting down their “Ninongs” and “Ninangs”.

So to help you ease your pain, KIWI SNAPS has prepared this fool-proof Christmas Party Ideas Checklist:

1. Budget – You don’t have to break the bank

Cost analysis is key to having a well executed event. Knowing how much you have and how much you are willing to spend will help you avoid financial headaches down the line. List down all the things you will need to buy or rent and then map your money accordingly.

2. Venue – Choose the best you can afford

A couple things to consider when choosing a venue:

Capacity – If it’s a small family gathering then a family member’s house should be enough but if you are planning a bigger soirée then it’s best to book a venue that can properly accommodate everyone.

Accessibility – With more people attending the more you have to consider how accessible the place is. If you have a party of 40 and then you book a party that is 4 hours away from everyone then I would imagine people having a hard time getting there.

3. Activities – Keep it fun and appropriate

Exchange Gift – The quintessential Christmas Party activity. You can write down the name of all participants on paper and drop them into a bowl then ask everyone to draw one. Use Nicknames and wish list boards for extra fun!

Gift Wrapping Competition – This one is a bit unique, give people 10 minutes to wrap a random item. Be sure to provide the proper materials such as wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbons, etc. Then once the time is up you can display the gifts and have the rest of the party to vote on what they think is the best one. Provide prizes accordingly.

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