Why Hire Us – Photobooth Philippines

Need a creative, fun, and interesting way to savor the perfect moment? Sometimes, taking photos with your mobile device or your digital camera can’t capture the moment perfectly. Especially if you are the designated photographer for the memorable event, being a part of those special moments may become a bit tricky. What you need is a photo booth, and here are 5 reasons why you should have a photo booth at your next memorable event.

  1. It gives you a memorable moment with your special guests. Group photos are a good way to capture the moment with your special arrivals, but the old-fashioned method is a bit played out for today’s world. What you need is something different and more exciting. Using a photo booth allows you to capture fun moments with those special guests. You can all pile in at once, in very small groups of course, or you can choose each guest one by one.
  2. The photos can be used for even more fun! The photos that result from your booth time are printed in a way to add more fun to the fun expressed in your photos. The photo strips allow you to use the photos as creative decorations. You can paste them all over the walls of your event or take them home as your personal wall décor.
  3. The booth is the photographer. You don’t have to shell out the extra money for an overpriced photographer. The photo booth does all of the work. All you have to do is call Kiwi Snaps. We’ll set up your booth and you can enjoy your event to the fullest.
  4. It makes your event more fun! Want your event to be the talk of the town? Adding a photo booth to your invite list is the best way to make that happen. Your guests will have the opportunity to get a little silly and create a memorable moment that will last forever.
  5. The photos can be your party favors. Need a way to thank your guests for accepting your invite? Giving them the opportunity to have a personal photo shoot at your event is the perfect way to show gratitude towards your guests for showing up, and give them a keepsake to remember the awesome time that you had.

Kiwi Snaps is your best option for making a photo booth a part of your memorable event. We provide the best photography and lighting quality, we give a variety of layout designs and custom green screen backgrounds, we provide fun photo props, and even provide a live viewing of your photo shoots during your special moments along with voice prompts to add to the fun. The photo booths are hassle-free to set up and to book the booths are even easier. Our packages come in 2, 3, and 4 hour segments, and our prices are affordable! Invite Kiwi Snaps to your next event so that your event can be the perfect memorable moment captured on film.